2019 Full Court Press Champions: DeKalb Knights

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DeKalb Criminal Justice Treatment Coalition, Inc.


The DeKalb Criminal Justice Treatment Coalition (DCJTC) is the Advisory Council to the DeKalb Misdemeanor Mental Health Court (MMHC) and is comprised of representatives from the judiciary, prosecuting attorney's office, defense attorneys, law enforcement and mental health providers and advocates.  The Advisory Council reviews policies, procedures and operations of the mental health court program to ensure compliance of the state codified standards.

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Full Court Press Tournament


The Full Court Press Tournament is a basketball fundraising event hosted by the DCJTC.  The tournament participants will include teams of Law Enforcement and Fire & Rescue in and around DeKalb County, as well as representation from DeKalb judicial offices.  Proceeds will raise critical funds for the participants of the DeKalb Misdemeanor Mental Health Court.

DeKalb County Misdemeanor Mental Health Court


 The DeKalb County Misdemeanor Mental Health Court (MMHC), is the first and longest running mental health court in Georgia.  Since 2001, the MMHC has been committed to its mission to “decriminalize mentally ill offenders by offering treatment instead of incarceration.”  The MMHC convenes once a week and balances holding participants accountable for their recovery, while supporting and applauding their successes

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From the desk of the dcjtc chairman

S. Derek Johnson-Gage, Board Chairman


April 9, 2018

Dear Sponsors, Vendors, and Participants,

I am delighted to have been given the privilege of being a part of the non-profit DeKalb Criminal Justice Treatment Coalition during its inaugural year for The DeKalb Full Court Press.  Through the hard work of our DCJTC team and the generosity of support and time given by all of you, we have already raised funds that we could not have possibly imagined being able to put toward our cause even 12 months ago.

The funds raised by The DeKalb Full Court Press will be used specifically to support participants of DeKalb's Misdemeanor Mental Health Court, an accountability program aimed at connecting those with mental health challenges, who have found themselves in the criminal justice system, with invaluable treatment resources and providers who will help give them a new, positive outlook on their respective futures.

But, our work doesn't stop here.  We at DCJTC recognize the stark reality that logistical considerations like basic healthcare, housing, and transportation place hurdles in front of these individuals, and without money, our efforts ring hollow.  Inherent in our mission to assist in funding the Misdemeanor Mental Health Court is the goal of breaking down these barriers and leaving an open path for men and women with extraordinary potential.

After this weekend 's festivities, please take the time to spread the word of our mission.  Visit our website at treatmentisjustice.org, where you can donate and learn more about our efforts.  Use social media, your friends and family, places of worship, and neighborhood groups to grow our message.  With your help, we can build upon this incredibly successful few days and begin to make the kind of change for the mentally ill in our jails and courtrooms that nobody ever thought was possible.

Thank you, best of luck to the teams, and remember: Treatment Is Justice!